Wenatchee Valley Velo Cycling Club


In joining Wenatchee Valley Velo, I/we acknowledge that bicycling in and of itself can be dangerous, and hereby release and waive all claims against the WVV, WVV members, WVV officers and WVV ride leaders and volunteers, for any and all damages resulting in injury either to myself or to my equipment, during any and all WVV sponsored events.  Helmets are strongly recommended and expected for all bicyclists and required for all WVV sponsored bicycling activities.  I also agree to ride responsibly, follow the rules of the road, and not be a jerk when I’m riding my bicycle.  I will do my part to make cycling safer and promote positive growth of the sport I love.

Individuals under the age of 18 must have the express written permission of a parent or legal guardian to join Wenatchee Valley Velo.

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